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Steal Alert! PantyFly

23 Mar

Earlier this week I spotted a lot of ladies talking about PantyFly and it was such a spectacular deal I had to jump on it.

The Box: PantyFly

The Price: 1 pair a month for $4 or 3 pairs for $7

STEAL ALERT! PantyFly is currently offering a FANTASTIC deal! Prepay for 3 months of the service and pay only $15! Thats 9 pairs of underwear for 15 bucks which is a great deal no matter how you look at it.

Shipping: Fast and free!

The Options: 

  • Barely There (thong & string bikini styles)
  • Sleek & Sexy (more coverage, shorts-styles, and boy-styles)
  • Mix & Match (anything goes)

I went with 3 pairs Mix and Match per month. My first shipment arrived today, here’s what they sent:


Items Included:

  • American Apparel Cotton Spandex Jersey Boy Brief – $13 (x2)
  • American Apparel Cotton Spandex Hot Short – $14

Total Value: $40

Llwynog Says…

I had no idea what I’d end up with on this one since they are a really new sub. I was pleasantly surprised that I received 3 pairs of good quality American Apparel undies. They’re cute and I’ll definitely wear them. And the value for what I paid is absolutely incredible!

Also, according to the letter that came along with my new panties, PantyFly is working on adding other options to their $7 a month package. They’re also working on other improvements to offer more value to their members and from what I can tell so far their customer service is pretty amazing.





What’s for dinner? Hello Fresh!

23 Mar

Its no secret that I’m not much of a cook…

But I have an excuse! I’m in my 20’s! I’m single! I live alone! I dont need to be a good cook…. but I’d like to be.

Last night, I made this tasty dinner :


It looks like I planned, prepared, and worked really hard at it, right?

I’d like to take all the credit, but I had a lot of help, in the form of a delivery from Hello Fresh.

Each week, Hello Fresh subscribers choose which 3 of 5 meal options they’d like to try. Hello Fresh does all the shopping and ships overnight everything you need to prepare the meal, including meat and dairy. They even send detailed instructions with pictures, so its fool-proof.

This is what the box looked like when I opened it:


There were several labeled bags telling me which ingredients went with which recipe, very helpful.

The evenings options:


I decided to make the Warm Goat Cheese Salad with Chicken and Avocado. I pulled out the bags for that and here’s what I had:



I love that the even included packets of olive oil and honey. The only things I provided were a tablespoon of butter, a bit of salt and pepper, and some very basic cooking implements. The instructions walked me through prepping the avocado and mango, preparing the Honey and Garlic Vinaigrette, cooking the chicken, and even toasting breadcrumbs for the goat cheese.

The end result was delicious. All the ingredients were fresh and of excellent quality. Its not really in my budget to do this every week, but fortunately they offer a pause option, so I can choose to get one or two boxes a month.

The Box: Hello Fresh

Price: $69/box for 3 meals for 2 people. $59 for vegetarians.  There are also options available for 3 meals for 4 or 6 people.

The Deal: Use my referral code (Z65RMG) as a coupon when you order and save $20 off your first box!

Total value on this one is tough to determine but I’d say its worth welllll more than what I paid for it. Anyway, for me, skipping a trip to the grocery store is priceless anyhow. I’ve been raving to all of my friends about how much I love Hello Fresh and I cant wait to try more from them.




Blush Mystery Beauty Box

21 Mar

Here’s another one I couldn’t resist. I’d heard good things about’s last mystery box (they sold out in only a few hours!) so when I heard they had another one out I jumped on it.

blush march

The Box: Mystery Beauty Box

The Promise: “mostly full- and (some) travel-size products worth at least $100”

Price: Single box for $34.95 or monthly subrsciption for $24.95/box (I just went with the single box to try it)

Shipping: Really fast & free! I did not receive a shipping notification but I ordered Saturday and it arrived Wednesday.

Bonus: Currently they are offering a free gift with purchase (more on that later) and free 1-3 day shipping.

The Products:

  • Snowkissed Cashmere Eyeshadow Palette from Skylark by Elle & Blair ($40)
  • Overshadow mineral eye shadow in “If you’re rich, I’m single” from theBalm ($15)
  • Rescue Restorative Shampoo (9 fl oz) ($16)
  • Rescue Restorative Conditioner (9 fl oz) ($18)
  • Hampton Sun Luxe Sport Lip Balm ($12)

Total Value: $101

Comes right in where they said it would and I got five full size products, awesome! Really the palette paid for the whole thing and everything else was icing on the cake.

Llwynog says…

Snowkissed Cashmere Eyeshadow Palette from Skylark by Elle & Blair – This palette really is beautiful and you can never have too many of them. How about a closer look?


The Snowkiss palette comes with six eyeshadows, a nice big highlighter, and a dual ended brush. The brush is pretty decent compared to what you might find in a lot of palettes. I was a little worried because I’d never heard of the brand but the swatches I did left me feeling pretty confident.


All of the eyeshadows have some shimmer except for Lace, which is matte. Lace is also quite pale, you can see from the photo that it barely show up on me, but would make a fantastic base to build the other colors from. My favorite is Ember, which is a deep red-brown with some coppery flecks. Its really beautiful and what a bummer I couldn’t really get a good photo. Its not a color I would typically pick for myself, same goes for Shiver, but both look quite nice. I’ll have to play around with them a bit.

The Satin Sparks highlighter is very light and not something I could really swatch but it has a nice, soft glowy effect.

theBalm Overshadow mineral eye shadow in “If you’re rich, I’m single” – a nice heavily pigmented mineral shadow in a flattering bronze shade. I used the tiniest amount for my swatch and was really surprised by the coverage.swat

Plus the packaging is super cute.


This one could easily become a go-to several times a week for me. I’d never tried anything from theBalm before but I’ve read lots of good reviews. So thrilled to get this full-size eyeshadow!

Rescue Restorative Shampoo & Conditioner – Havent tried these yet but how nice to get a big set like this. I have long, thick hair so I’ll be curious to see how these do for it. They smell nice!

Hampton Sun Luxe Sport Lip Balm SPF 30 – okay, yeah, its chapstick. But its “luxury” chapstick and it smells pretty good. Plus this is something I will *always* use.

Overall, I’m really pleased with this box! Everything will be used, which is key.

Bonus: My free gift with purchase from was their Dermstore brand Lip Quench, which sells for $12. It really does moisturize and adds a nice clear gloss.


and they also threw in a sample packet of Queen Bee Firming and Restoring serum. I probably will send this to the sample pile to give away later. It has royal jelly and is marketed towards aging skin, which I dont have just yet. Well, I mean, my skin is aging, but I’m still in my early 20’s and I’m not ready to worry about it. The full size bottle sells for $85, so my sample size would be valued at approximately $5.83, bringing the total box value to $118.83. Wee! Thank you!

As of the time of this writing, still has their Mystery Beauty Boxes available for purchase.

PLUS! Mr. Rebates members get 5% cashback on purchases!

Steal Alert! sale on elizabeth & clarke boxes

20 Mar

Thank youuuuu! They added a wonderful new sale today for Elizabeth & Clarke subscription boxes.

Elizabeth & Clarke make beautiful designer blouses and t-shirts, a collection for each season. You chose 1-3 shirts depending on the sub you choose to pay for.

Fab is currently offering a discounted rate on each of Elizabeth & Clarke’s three box options.

  • Starter Box (Choice of 1 shirt) – $20, reg. $30
  • Signature Box (Choice of 2 shirts) – $30, reg. $50
  • Premium Box (Choice of 3 shirts) – $35, reg. $60

I went with the Premium Box since its the best deal, and what a deal it is! Expect a full review when I receive the box (the next one doesn’t ship until June 1st), but here are previews of the three shirts I chose (images from Elizabeth & Clarke):



Let’s be honest; I chose this one for the name. Arden

I know, I know, I’m a total enabler, but this is way too good of a deal too pass up and you know it too.

March Fancy Box

20 Mar

I couldn’t resist the $25 off coupon that The Fancy put up a few weeks back, so I took the opportunity to snag one of their standard Fancy Boxes. It arrived today and while I have mixed-feelings about some of the items I was overall pleased with the items and received good value for what I paid.

The Box: Fancy Box (regular)

Price: $39/month + shipping

I Paid: $21.95 incl. shipping

Options chosen: Women, Home, Tech

March Fancy Box

Items Included:

  • Pilot & Captain T-shirt ($32)
  • Clocky Rolling Runaway Alarm Clock ($40)
  • Citrus Zinger water bottle ($15)
  • Crumb Casket mini-broom ($15)
  • $10 gift certificate
  • Cute Fancy stickers

Llwynog Says:

– The alarm clock is a pretty cute (and probably obnoxious) idea. I’ll probably give it as a joke gift to someone who has a harder time waking up than I do. Being a morning-person, thats not really an issue for me.

– I really like the design of the Pilot & Captain t-shirt and the faded style. Fancy was nice and sent me the “medium” size I requested but its men’s sizing, so this one’s a bit on the large size for fashion purposes. For lounge purposes, on the other hand, its perfect. The material is super-soft and cozy. LOVE.

– Citrus Zinger water bottle? I was confused by this thing when I first pulled it out of the box. Thankfully, the packaging has pictures of how to use it.


Basically, you put half a fruit (lemon, lime, orange, etc.) in the bottom compartment and water in the top. The idea being that the juicer-thing will infuse your water continuously as you drink.  I’ll give it a shot at work this week. Not sure if it will be useful or just weird. I just started a new job though, so this should be a good conversation starter.

– Crumb Casket. Hmmm. I think I might put this in a baby shower gift basket. Or something like that. Not really useful for me but it is kinda cute and tech-y.

Total retail value: $102 (not including $10 off coupon)

Totally worth the 22 bucks I paid! I did already cancel my subscription because I dont really need another one, but I would perhaps do another Fancy coupon deal. I enjoyed getting some random things that I might not otherwise think to get for myself and the value was well over the promised $80.

I probably won’t use the coupon. If anyone would like the code, please leave me a comment with your email.

DEAL! Fancy’s got another coupon happening now. Use code 25OFF5 to get $25 off anything at Fancy. You can use it on any of the box subs, you can even use it on multiple different items and get $25 off each. I love their coupons!