March Fancy Box

20 Mar

I couldn’t resist the $25 off coupon that The Fancy put up a few weeks back, so I took the opportunity to snag one of their standard Fancy Boxes. It arrived today and while I have mixed-feelings about some of the items I was overall pleased with the items and received good value for what I paid.

The Box: Fancy Box (regular)

Price: $39/month + shipping

I Paid: $21.95 incl. shipping

Options chosen: Women, Home, Tech

March Fancy Box

Items Included:

  • Pilot & Captain T-shirt ($32)
  • Clocky Rolling Runaway Alarm Clock ($40)
  • Citrus Zinger water bottle ($15)
  • Crumb Casket mini-broom ($15)
  • $10 gift certificate
  • Cute Fancy stickers

Llwynog Says:

– The alarm clock is a pretty cute (and probably obnoxious) idea. I’ll probably give it as a joke gift to someone who has a harder time waking up than I do. Being a morning-person, thats not really an issue for me.

– I really like the design of the Pilot & Captain t-shirt and the faded style. Fancy was nice and sent me the “medium” size I requested but its men’s sizing, so this one’s a bit on the large size for fashion purposes. For lounge purposes, on the other hand, its perfect. The material is super-soft and cozy. LOVE.

– Citrus Zinger water bottle? I was confused by this thing when I first pulled it out of the box. Thankfully, the packaging has pictures of how to use it.


Basically, you put half a fruit (lemon, lime, orange, etc.) in the bottom compartment and water in the top. The idea being that the juicer-thing will infuse your water continuously as you drink.  I’ll give it a shot at work this week. Not sure if it will be useful or just weird. I just started a new job though, so this should be a good conversation starter.

– Crumb Casket. Hmmm. I think I might put this in a baby shower gift basket. Or something like that. Not really useful for me but it is kinda cute and tech-y.

Total retail value: $102 (not including $10 off coupon)

Totally worth the 22 bucks I paid! I did already cancel my subscription because I dont really need another one, but I would perhaps do another Fancy coupon deal. I enjoyed getting some random things that I might not otherwise think to get for myself and the value was well over the promised $80.

I probably won’t use the coupon. If anyone would like the code, please leave me a comment with your email.

DEAL! Fancy’s got another coupon happening now. Use code 25OFF5 to get $25 off anything at Fancy. You can use it on any of the box subs, you can even use it on multiple different items and get $25 off each. I love their coupons!


2 Responses to “March Fancy Box”

  1. Callie Noland April 3, 2013 at 1:15 am #

    May I please have the coupon code?

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