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12 Jan

Hold on to your hats people, I’m about to tell you how to score some duds for free.

Twice sells gently used name brand women’s clothing like J. Crew, Ann Taylor, Anthropologie, Zara, Michael Kors and more.  Right now they have a ton of easy ways to earn store credit.

Click here to sign up using my referral link, that will earn you $10 store credit.

– Download and sign in from their free iPhone app, earning you an additional $10 credit.

– Download and install the free Twice  iPad app, there’s another $10 credit.

At this point you should have $20-$30 credit on your account. If you sell clothing to Twice they’ll give you an additional $10 credit (on top of whatever you earn from your sale). Or go ahead and choose some items and place your order. Using code Survey10, you can get $10 off your purchase, which will stack with your store credit. So with that credit you could get something up to $35 and still have enough left to cover shipping ($5)!

I ordered myself a nice skirt completely for free! Not bad for a few minutes of my time. I’m gathering some things to sell to Twice now. They also have a fantastic referral program. Enjoy!


Conscious Box Review, April 2013

13 Apr


I was fortunate to snag a hell of a deal on this one, so I had to have it!

The Box: Conscious Box – Natural beauty, health food, and non-toxic home goods. Vegan and gluten-free options are available.

Price: $19.95/month including shipping.

I Paid: $1.00 (Thanks Conscious Box for offering such a sweet coupon!)

Options: I went with the “classic” box.


Items Included:

  • 100% Natural Antioxidant Max Celestial Tea – Blackberry Pomegranate (2 bags)
  • NurturMe Dried Baby Food
  • Totlogic Gentle, Natural & Light Body Lotion
  • Seventh Generation Mandarin Refreshing Facial Cleansing Cloths
  • Organic Food Bar Chocolate Covered Active Greens
  • Coromega Omega-3 + D Squeeze
  • Nuline Nutritionals QSpeed Supplement
  • EarthRise Nutritionals Spirulina Natural Supplement
  • MRM 100% All Natural Whey
  • Safonique Lavender Sea Laundry Detergent
  • Sappo Hill All Vegetable Oil Glyceryne Creme Soap – Lavender
  • Happy Family Brands Happy Squeeze – Strawberry Coconut Milk


Llwynog Says:

I was a little disappointed that there was a lot of like “kid/baby” type stuff since thats not really useful for me. It would be great if Conscious Box could implement some sort of profile or preference system since I’m sure there are people who love baby stuff and others like myself who have no use for it. I’ll probably toss the lotion in my desk drawer or something, one can never have too much spare lotion.  I also can’t really drum up any interest in the supplements and whey. I’ll pass those along to a friend.

I am, however, really excited to try the Seventh Generation Facial Cleansing Cloth. I love their products! And Celestial Tea! Yay!

My bottle of detergent seems to be about half empty, but its plenty for a few loads of laundry even still and the smell is fab so I’m looking forward to giving that a shot. Not a big bar soap user, but I’ll put this little lavender one away for another day. I’m really confused by the Omega-3 Squeeze. Do you take it like a gooey shot? Dissolve it in water? I’m clueless. I’ve had another flavor of Happy Squeeze before, so I’ll enjoy trying this one, even though I hate their packaging. Anything coconut has to be good though, right?

Total value: Cannot be determined.

Deal! Conscious Box is currently offering 10% off New Subscriptions until Earth Day (April 22nd)! Use coupon code “SHARETHEWORLD”.