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Goodies Co. Box Review, April 2013

2 May


This showed up on my door this weekend. Hooray for snacks to accompany a rainy Sunday movie binge!

The Box: Goodies Co. – A monthly box of 5-8 new and interesting snacks and goodies from Wal-Mart.

Price: $7/month including taxes and shipping


The Goodies:

  • Angie’s Popcorn – Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn
  • Green Giant – Multigrain Sweet Potato Chips
  • True Bar – Coconut Cashew Bar
  • Zone Perfect – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bar
  • Celsius – Raspberry Acai Green Tea Energy Drink
  • Olomomo Nuts – Righteous Cinnamon Cayenne Almonds

Llwynog Says…

This is my first Goodies Co. Taster’s Box. I was really pleasantly surprised to see how healthy everything in the box was. I was all over the kettlecorn and the package was a perfect snack size. It was soooo good and the best part is that there are 4 ingredients, including the sunflower oil it is popped it, which gives it a really tasty unique flavor. I attempted the Cinnamon Cayenne Almonds, but they aren’t much my style, I can’t do anything too spicy. These taste sweet at first and then kick you in the mouth with an intense heat. I only ate one, the rest will go to a friend. I’d be interested to see if Olomomo makes any other flavors though.

I also tried to Coconut Cashew True Bar. It was alright, but a bit on the dry side. I’m not sure I’d seek it out. I’m terrified of the Zone Perfect bar, because from the packaging it looks just like very other health/protein bar and I’ve had far too many unpleasant experiences with those.

I’m keeping my subscription with Goodies and I look forward to seeing what shows up in May. Seven bucks is pretty inexpensive for a food box, thanks to the buying power of Wal-Mart. The program is still in the beta stages but you can sign up for an invite on their site.


Love with Food Box Review, April 2013

14 Apr

I get so excited whenever I see this little bright red box in my mail!


The Box: Love With Food – Monthly themed boxes of gourmet food. With each box purchased, a meal is donated to a hungry child.

Price: $10 + $2 shipping each month


Items Included:

  • The Good Bean – Smoky Chili & Lime Chickpea Snacks
  • Mini Pops – Air Popped Sorghum Grain
  • Somersault Snacks – Salty Pepper Nuggets
  • Oloves – Lemony Lover Olives
  • Buff Lo Dip – Creamy Buffalo Ranch Dip
  • Pollen Ranch – Organic Fennel Pollen
  • JJ’s Sweets – Original & Sea Salt Caramel Cocomels

Llwynog Says:

I was a little worried when I got an email from Love With Food about Andew Zimmern curating this month’s box and the theme was “Weird, Wild, & Wonderful Foods”. I was a bit nervous I’d end up with dried squid snacks and chocolate covered grasshoppers, which I probably would have tried, but might not have enjoyed. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised to find instead an interesting array of items that all sound tasty.

I haven’t tried everything yet, but of course I went for the caramels first. Or “cocomels”, rather. These are dairy-free, made with coconut milk, which gives them such an interesting flavor and texture. Definitely my favorite thing in the box.

I also snacked on the Salt and Pepper nuggets.


They’re a bit like a sunflower seed cracker. The flavor is really nice, transitioning from salty, to peppery, to garlic-y. They’re a bit dry on their own, but I think they’d be pretty tasty dipped into hummus or something.

I’m planning to take the packaging suggestion and rub the fennel pollen on pork chops this week. It made my whole box smell amazing.

This month, Love with Food contributed a meal via Open Arms of Minnesota for each box purchased.

Order by 5/1 to get May’s box! Lovewithfood.com